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    product outline
    product parameters
    product manual

    I. Product introduction:
    ZF28-420 type GIS is composed of standard modules through flanged joint, which can meet the demand for substation optimization design through the flexible combination between modules. It saves space and conforms to technical requests.
    1) The GIS phase spacing is 670mm and the standard spacing width is 2050mm (see layout). The whole interval of three-phase integrated transportation, its technological innovation level is domestic leading, international advanced level
    2) Arrangement of circuit breaker is horizontal, it’s convenient for overhauling and emergency maintenance; it also will make lighter impact to the ground;
    3) Excellent insulation level and low partial discharge. The only company in the industry that can achieve: under  1.2 times phase voltage (1.2×420/√3 = 291kV), the partial discharge of intervals is lower than 5pC, the partial discharge of the insulator is lower than 3pC.
    4) Flange surface adopts double sealing ring structure, inner ring sealing gas, and its gas leakage rate is lower than IEC standard. Its outer ring prevents water and impurities from getting inside thus to improve safety and reliability;

    II. Application environment
          1. Installation site: indoor/outdoor;
          2. Ambient temperature:
                            Maximum temperature: +55℃;
                            Minimum temperature: -40℃;
                            Maximum daily temperature difference: 32 K;
          3. Altitude: ≦3000m;
          4. Sunshine intensity: 1000 W/m2;
          5. Pollution class: Class III/IV;
          6. Ice thickness: 10 mm/20 mm;
          7. Wind speed/ wind pressure: 34m/s ( equals cylinder surface 700 Pa);
          8. Humidity:
                              Average of daily relative humidity: ≦95%;
                              Average of monthly relative humidity: ≦90%;
          9. Seismic resisting ability: 9 degree;
    III Product Features
    1.Horizontal circuit breaker structure, integrated transportation, high space utilization
    2.Fusion of high parameters and high reliability
    Circuit breaker, disconnector and grounding switch have a mechanical life of 10,000 times
    3.Advanced circuit breaker, excellent breaking capacity
    4.Mature pure spring operating mechanism application
    5. Basin insulator with aluminum flange with double seal structure
    6. Import of key components, accessories and major production equipment

             1. Rated voltage: 420 kV;
             2. Rated frequency: 50 Hz/60 Hz;
             3. Rated current:4000 A;

             4. 1 min rated power frequency withstand voltage;
                                between open contacts: (650+165) kV
                                between phases,to earth: 650 kV
             5. Rated lightning impulse-resisting voltage peak (1.2/ 50μs)
                                between open contacts Isolated fracture interval: (1425+240) kV
                                between phases,to earth: 1425 kV
             6. Rated short-circuit breaking current: 63 kA
             7. Rated short-circuit making current: 171 kA
             8. Rated short-time withstand current and duration: 63KA / 3s
             9. Rated peak withstand current: 171KA
            10. Power frequency withstand voltage of auxiliary and control circuit (1 min): 2 kV;
            11. Radio interference voltage: ≦500 μV, without visible corona day and night;