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    product outline
    product parameters
    product manual

    I. Product introduction:

    ZF28-550 type GIS/ ZH28-550 type HGIS is composed of standard modules through flanged joint, which can meet the demand for substation optimization design through the flexible combination between modules. It saves space and conforms to technical requests.


    1) The domestic first high power spring operation mechanism of circuit breaker has the small volume and is safe

        and stable, free of maintenance. high reliable and conform to oil free and gas free requirements for operation


    2) Interrupter unit adopts shunt capacitor to balance the voltage between open contacts It improves short line  

        fault breaking capability;

    3) Excellent insulation level and low partial discharge. The only company in the industry that can achieve: under

        the 80% power-frequency withstand voltage (80%×740kV = 592kV), the partial discharge of intervals is lower 

        than 5pC, the partial discharge of the insulator is lower than 3pC. It’s better than the IEC standard that the

        partial discharge should be lower than 5pC under 1.2 times phase voltage (1.2×550/√3 = 381kV);

    4) The insulator quality is stable and reliable. The basin-type insulator pouring process reaches the international

        advanced level;

    II. Application environment

          1. Installation site: indoor/outdoor;

          2. Ambient temperature:

                            Maximum temperature: +55℃;

                            Minimum temperature: -40℃;

                            Maximum daily temperature difference: 32 K;

          3. Altitude: ≦3000m;

          4. Sunshine intensity: 1000 W/m2;

          5. Pollution class: Class III/IV;

          6. Ice thickness: 10 mm/20 mm;

          7. Wind speed/ wind pressure: 34m/s ( equals cylinder surface 700 Pa);

          8. Humidity:

                              Average of daily relative humidity: ≦95%;

                              Average of monthly relative humidity: ≦90%;

          9. Seismic resisting ability: 9 degree;

    III. Product usage

    In populated regions, it can be compatible with the existing buildings. We can provide you with our products in important and critical substations, in the extension of limited substations, in flexible reform and change, in the heavy-loaded places where we can get economical and reliable energy management. Please tell us your needs.

    ZF28-550 type GIS is one of the latest generation of switch equipments developed by Shanghai Siyuan high-voltage switch limited company. It obtains users’ trust because of its miniaturization design and reliable property. At present, this whole set of equipment have passed the KEMA, Netherland  type test.


    IV. Product feature

    Fully spring mechanism, high reliability;

    Excellent breaking ability;

    The arc extinguish of CB adopts dual break structure, and shunt capacitor to balance the voltage between open contacts, which improves the breaking ability of short-line fault and the breaking current of short circuit is 63kA;

    E2-M2-C2 circuit breaker; E2 electrical endurance; M2 mechanical endurance;

    Strong rated current flow capacity;

    Excellent insulation level, low partial discharge;

    Excellent corrosion resistance;

    Advanced Designing tool;

    Basin-type insolator with aluminium flange; double sealing structure;

    Strict assembly technology;


    Main parameters:

    1. Rated voltage: 550 kV;

    2. Rated frequency: 50 Hz/60 Hz;

    3. Rated current: 4000A/ 5000/6300 A;

    4. Rated power frequency 1 min withstand voltage:

              Between open contact: (740+315) kV;

              Between phase, to earth: 740 kV

    5. Rated lightning impulse-resisting voltage peak (1.2/ 50μs):

              Between open contact: (1675+450)kV;

              Between phase, to earth: 1675 kV;

    6. Rated short-circuit breaking current: 63 kA;

    7. Rated short-circuit closing current (peak current): 171 kA;

    8. Rated short-time withstand current and duration: 63 kA/ 3s;

    9. Rated peak withstand current: 171kA;

    10. Power frequency withstand voltage of auxiliary and control loop(1 min):2 kV;

    11. Radio interference voltage: ≦500 μV, without visible corona day and night;

    12. Noise level:1.5 m above ground, horizontal distance 2m to GIS vertical plane: noise ≦90 dB;