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    High Voltage STATCOM

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    STATCOM contains connecting reactor (or connecting transformer), start-up device , IGBT converter chain , control system. The system charts as follows:



    Operation Temprature:-40℃~40℃


    Installation: Indoor/Outdoor

    Protection level: Class Ⅱ


     QNSVG dynamic reactive power compensation device is a STATCOM system with IGBT as its core, while QNSVG (i.e. the static synchronous compensator) is one of the main equipment employing the FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission System) technology. It represents the new development direction and industrial application trend of reactive power compensation technology for existing power systems; it is an effective method to deal with the threats on grid stability brought by increasing demand of wind power and photovoltaic new energy grid-connection, as well as to protect the safe operation of the power grids. The dynamic reactive power compensation device is one of the key devices in the flexible power transmission system; it can quickly and effectively adjust the reactive power of the grid, prevent the voltage fluctuation and flicker, realize more reasonable distribution of the entire grid power flow, improve the grid quality, and ensure the stable, efficient & superior running of the power system.




    Excellent compensation performance:

    • STATCOM can alter reactive power dynamically and continuously, and satisfy the compensation requirement of power factor over 0.98 at any moment. The compensation effect of STATCOM is 1.2 times of impedance-type compensation equipments with the same capacity. STATCOM has high investment returns.

    • Bidirectional tunable, capable of providing and absorbing reactive power with equal capacity.


    Excellent harmonic characteristics:

    • Advanced cascaded topology and multi-level PWM technology are used to eliminate the low-order harmonic. Both the output voltage and current distortion rate are lower than 3%.

    • STATCOM can be used to eliminate up to 13th harmonic, particularly suitable for industry such as mining, metallurgical, railway and some other with harmonic and impact loads.


    Excellent response speed

    • Close-loop response time of STATCOM is less than 20ms. CIGRE concludes that response time of STATCOM is much faster, and the capability of flicker mitigation is 4~ 5 times of SVC.


    Excellent characteristics at low-voltage

    • STATCOM has the characteristics of current source; reactive power output will not be affected by the voltage amplitude.


    Low operating loss & High operating efficiency

    • The new low-loss power device IGBT is used, the efficiency of integrated installation is more than 99.5%.

    • Low distortion rate of output voltage and current -, low harmonic losses and system losses.


    Saving occupying  area

    • Without AC inductor and capacitor, the area it will occupy is only 1/3~1/2 of SVC’s.


    High reliability and security

    • Use parallel connecting lines to realize expansion.

    • With the “N-1” redundancy design, minimize maintenance and improve product reliability.

    • Controllable as current source, no resonance or harmonic voltage amplification.

    • Three levels of protection: system level, equipment level, component level.


    More advantage:

    • New IGBT core, precise protection to over temperature.

    • Advance control technology, Quick response, no need extra controller

    • Emergency stop pushbutton.

    • Modular design to DC capacitor, no socket, safe guarantee

    •  Easy Installation and maintenance




    • Hub substation of the transmission system, increase the line transmission capacity.

    • Reactive power optimization of load-center substation, improve the voltage stability.

    • Hoist & winch and other mine load reactive power compensation and harmonic suppression.

    • Reactive power compensation and harmonic suppression with coal washing plant load.

    • Traction and auxiliary power supply system of electrified railway

    • Low Voltage Ride Through function in wind & solar farms

    • The reactive power and harmonic compensation of mill and other industrial loads

    • Voltage fluctuations and flicker of electric arc furnace