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    JDQXF series SF6 gas insulated voltage transformer

    product outline
    product parameters
    product manual

    Product Description:
    Transformer cabinet is at the bottom of product, main body is in it, there is a silicon rubber composite insulation bushing or high strength porcelain bushing at the middle and primary terminals are at top both sides of product.






    A SF6 gas density controller is equipped on the transformer cabinet; it can monitor the SF6 gas pressure in-line. There is a pressure-relief device on the top; the rupture (relief) pressure is 0.7 MPa without oil or explosion risk, and it is free-maintenance.

    Main body is inside the cabinet, use the composite insulation of polyester film and SF6 as interlayer insulation, so it has high strength insulation. Coil uses single-staged tower structure, so it has a good shock resistant performance.

    High voltage coil is made of imported polyester film and conducting wires with high insulation strength and stable performance; use imported automatic winding equipment to complete the wire winding and the wrapping of interlayer insulation automatically according to entered instructions.

    Rated voltage: 35kV~500kV

    Rated frequency: 50/60 Hz

    Internal insulating medium: SF6 gas

    Insulator: Porcelain or polymer

    Altitude: ≤3000m, others on request

    Specific creepage distance: 31mm/kV, others on request