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    About Sieyuan About Sieyuan
    About Sieyuan

    About Sieyuan

    Company profile


              Sieyuan Electric Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of electrical equipment with 50 years of manufacturing experiencespecialized in R&D of electric power technology, equipment manufacturing and engineering services. Since it’s listing on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2004 (stock code 002028), the company is developing steadily by 30% compound growth rate every year, and added new contract orders of 7.48 billion yuan in 2018. Sieyuan has been honored these titles of  National Key Torch Plan High-tech Enterprise, China Energy Equipment Top Ten Private Company, Innovative Company in Shanghai etc.

            Sieyuan continues to expand the industrial chain, at present, the group has more than a dozen manufacturing entities, distributing in Shanghai, Rugao, Changzhou, Nanjing, etc. The product is covered in the field of ultra high voltage high voltage switchgear, transformer, relay protection and automation system, reactive power compensation device, measuring and monitoring device, power electronics equipment and vehicle electronics. Sieyuan Electric is a smart manufacturing company attaching great importance to independent innovationresearch and development, having a modern scientific management concept and continuing to build automated production lines.

            We serve a variety of industries including power, new energy, metallurgy, rail transit, petrochemical, coal, port, and data center; provide self-developed 500 kV direct current circuit breaker for the world's first 500 kV direct current flexible power grid project Zhangbei Station; provide guaranteed products and technologies for Major projects at home and abroad Qinshan Nuclear Power PlantYunguang 800 kV UHV direct current transmission projectsouth of Jindong-Nanyang-Jingmen 1000 kV UHV expansion projectDushanzi 10 million tons of oil refining project in Xinjiang of China National Petroleum CorporationRailway Nanning Hub StationShanghai MaglevBeijing OlympicsBrazil World CupWest Africa Four Countries Networking Project.

           In the tide of global energy transformation and power Internet construction, Sieyuan  accelerates the pace of globalization, the supplier qualification is recognized by European power systemBritish National GridDutch National GridRussian National GridItalian National GridNational Grid of MexicoIndian National Grid etc. Among more than 5,000 employees, there are some engineers from Switzerland, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Mexico, Pakistan and other countries working in more than 80 countries and regionsresponding to customer needs and providing customers with localization services including solution design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning, operation and maintenance, and EPC etc.

            Sieyuan pays great attention to the development and cultivation of talents, provides a diversity of development channels, safe and healthy working environment for the wokers. We pursue the common interests of our customers, suppliers, communities and other stakeholders, the harmony and sustainable development of economy, environment and society. Sieyuan repays society with love, establishing scholarships at many universities, donating to children in poor areas to let them go to school, participating in voluntary blood donation and community charity activities. Through local and overseas branches, we make positive contributions to the welfare, education, charity and disaster relief of local communities.

    Smarter the Power Better the Lifeis the common pursuit of everyone in Sieyuan.

    Corporate culture

    Making power transmission and distribution safer, 

    more controllable and more efficient.

    Providing global customers with first-class electrical equipment and service, and securing a safe, reliable and efficient use and maintenance of electricity. 

    Customer-orientated, offering satisfactory products and services to enhance competitiveness and profitability of customers;

    Adhering to management reform to achieve efficient end to end streamline operation and ensure a high level of quality and service as well as low operating costs;

    Pursuing that human capital is the first productive force, enabling employees to grow along with the company. 

    Serving Customers / Group Endeavors / Open and Enterprising / Integrity / Self-criticism / Future Development

    Core Values
    Core Values

    Organization chart

    Honor qualification

    High-tech Enterprise Certificate

    High-tech Enterprise Certificate






















    Taking a broad and long-term view, Sieyuan Electric adheres to the principle of customer first, devotes itself to manufacturing world-leading products, providing satisfactory service, creating value and success for customers and eventually making Sieyuan Electric a world-class brand.


    Rugao High Voltage Electric Factory was established, which is a stated owned company.

    December 1993

    Shanghai Sieyuan Electric Co., Ltd. was founded in Shanghai Jiaotong University.

    OCTOBER 2001

    The company moved to the new address: No.4399, Jindu Road, Minhang District, Shanghai.

    DECEMBER 2002

    Jiangsu Rugao High Voltage Electric Apparatus Plant which was founded in 1967 restructured and set up Jiangsu Rugao High Voltage Electric Apparatus Co., Ltd.

    AUGUST 2004

    AUGUST 2004: Jiangsu Sieyuan Hertz Instrument Transformer Co., Ltd. was founded. 

    AUGUST 2004: Listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange successfully (stock code: 002028).

    NOVEMBER 2004: Shanghai Sieyuan Power Capacitor Co., Ltd. was founded.

    MAY 2006

    MAY 2006: Jiangsu Rugao High Voltage Electric Apparatus Co., Ltd. moved to the new address: No.1, Huimin West Road, Rugao, Jiangsu.

    DECEMBER 2006: The company was renamed as Sieyuan Electric Co., Ltd.

    JUNE 2007

    JUNE 2007: The company invested RMB 400,000,000 to establish Shanghai Sieyuan High Voltage Switchgear Co., Ltd. and implemented the gas insulation metal-enclosed switchgear (GIS) project. 

    NOVEMBER 2007: Beijing Sifang Qingneng Co., Ltd. was acquired, and Beijing Sieyuan Qingneng Power Electronic Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Sieyuan Hongrui Automation Co., Ltd. were founded.

    FEBRUARY 2008

    FEBRUARY 2008: Sieyuan Qingneng Power Electric Co., Ltd. was established so as to enter the energy-saving product fields based on high-power electrics and electronics technology.

    APRIL 2009

    APRIL 2009: The headquarters of Sieyuan Electric Co., Ltd. was moved to the new address, the GIS new plant of Shanghai Sieyuan High Voltage Switchgear Co., Ltd. was put into operation.

    AUGUST 2012

    AUGUST 2012: The company optimizes the organization, establishes the systems such as “Strategy & MKT, sales and service, R&D and supply chain and strides forward the objectives “R&D marketization, process normalization, market internationalization and operational intensification”.

    MARCH 2013

    MARCH 2013: The company obtains the EPC turnkey qualification, the newly-increased orders of the whole year breakthrough RMB 5,000,000,000, wherein the overseas orders break through RMB 340,000,000.

    JANUARY 2014

    JANUARY 2014: The sales and service system organization is further optimized, sales representative offices are established abroad and in domestic provinces and cities so as to further press close to the customers and better implement the operation principle “Customer-oriented”. 

    OCTOBER 2014: The new plant of Sieyuan Hongrui was put into operation, and the substation automation system products realize more professional research, development and production.

    AUGUST 2015

    AUGUST 2015: The “Islamabad New International Airport 145kV Substation Project” in Pakistan succeeded in power transmission, and the first overseas turnkey project of Sieyuan Electric Co., Ltd. was delivered smoothly.

    MARCH 2016

    MARCH 2016: Sieyuan Electric Co., Ltd. became the first batch of member units of the global energy internet cooperation organization and contributed smart and strength for the global energy internet. 

    APRIL 2016: The company established new business preparatory group such as charging piles and supercapacitors and constantly enriched the product line according to the customers’ requirement.